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Let me fill you in with whats been going on... there’s been some shoots with JC’s pole school and so on, and some great ideas coming together for a shoot I have coming up soon hopefully involving a church setting and some serious flexibility!

Anyway the big news... If you didn't know already, the incredibly talented and ridiculously gorgeous Felix Cane is back in the country and training hard at Taylor’s Retreat with Sam and the gang for the next four to five weeks!

So my big news... Back around the 13th of April or so I was at the end of finalizing a pole shoot with none other than the lovely Sam Ames and her wonderful students, when I saw her status saying she had Felix coming to stay and she’d be around for a few weeks. I hadn't heard anything about Felix for a long time and this is the lady who was "numero uno" when my wife started her pole school... she is literally my wife’s hero!

Anyway I messaged Sam, more messing around really saying “a shoot with Felix would be cool”, but the reply I got left me gob smacked! Sam basically said "get your butt down here on the 20th, were holding a pole jam and I’ll get you a shoot with Felix if you can shoot the days events and photograph the girls with Felix".... Eeerrmm, I’M IN!!!

Fast forward to the night before I’m due to head down there and I get another message from Sam saying “babe, I’ve got you a shoot with Carlos França tomorrow if your up for it....?" holy s#%t was my first thought! This is mad, I've done shoots with pole schools and some exceptionally talented people but never with anyone of the famous status in the pole community, and now I had two on the same day!

Morning came and we headed down. I was definitely a little nervous to meet them but  they both made us feel comfortable instantly and were well up for the photos! I got some great doubles shots, single shots and even Felix free styling in a field with a Ferrari circling her, which looked very cool indeed! 

The end result is that I had the best weekend ever with Sam, Felix, Carlos, a Ferrari and lots of friends, my wife got to meet her hero and I got some shots that are going to be very hard to beat for a little while!

Felix and Carlos are the nicest people you could meet and Felix really is hilarious! 

What a great day with great people! 

Even if no one else get this I know Felix will... I'M SO GLAD I GOT UP THAT MORNING!!


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Opportunity knocks for my pole photography! http://www.darkophotography.co.uk/blog/2013/3/opportunity-knocks Cancer Research Charity EventCancer Research Charity Event Ian Mathews Pole Dance

Ok I've never written a blog before, but let’s kick it off by explaining how I got my first bit of exposure and got Darko Photography going.

So on May 15th 2012 at about 11pm when I was relaxed on the sofa watching some rubbish on tv, I got a message from the lovely and (let’s be honest) gorgeous Sam Ames from Taylor's Retreat pole studio in Dorking, telling me that I'd been recommended to her by a couple of friends as a photographer. As soon as I'd read those few lines the nerves kicked in.......

I have to say that at this point I'd done some shoots with a few friends and, as my wife owns a pole school, a couple of shoots with her instructors too. I knew by then this was the direction I wanted to take my photography in...…

The message went on to say that she was holding a charity event at the studio for Cancer Research on the 26th of May (yes, that was the following weekend) and the photographer she had organised to set up with some flash gear on a pole had dropped out for whatever reason, so I was to be her knight in shining armour (or at least that’s how I like to see it)...…

Anyway, of course I said yes! We went through the ins and outs and on the 26th which was a glorious sunny day, I jumped in the car with some good friends and we hit the road! A couple of hours later, after being stuck on the M25, we arrived!

If you've been to Taylor's before then you will know what to expect, but this was my first time and the place is incredible. You come up the drive to beautiful buildings, emus, ponies, horses and more! 

I got into the venue, set up my gear and did my thing for the day which was great. This was the first real time I had got to mingle with the pole world and she had some amazing guests who performed for the masses. The beautifully elegant and controlled Anastasia Skukhtorova (more on her in a minute), the ridiculously strong and talented Ian Matthews, Charlie "the circus freak" Wheeller and Josh Taylor with his powerful contortion like style!

I have to say though that despite how good the day was and how fantastic Sam did for a charity which means a hell of a lot to her; I may have made one mistake which I will rue for the rest of my photography career! Let me explain... just before the mesmerising Anastasia took to the stage, I asked her if she'd like to come and have some photos taken, her reply was that she was stretching out for her performance but would come and see me after her performance. She did her performance, the day wound down to an end, the raffle was in it’s dying stages and I thought that would be it, so I packed away! As I put the last bit of equipment away, Anastasia came over and said, how about those photos now? Shock, horror! Errrm, I had just packed everything away! I'M A MORON!! I will regret this for the rest of my life! So I'd like to say to Anastasia should you ever read this: Ana, I am sorry and would love another chance to photograph your amazing talent!!!  

So this was where it all kicked off for me and since then I've done some shoots for the likes of Pole Angels in Kent, Pink Ladies in Suffolk and I photographed the semi pro Miss Pole Dance event at Taylor's in July. So I want to say a massive thank you to Sam Ames for giving me the opportunity and I guess to those people who recommended me to Sam, you know who you are!







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